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The special relationship: glia-neuron interactions in the neuroendocrine hypothalamus
Clasadonte J & Prevot V
Nature Reviews Endocrinology. 2018, 14:25-44.

The versatile tanycyte: a hypothalamic integrator of reproduction and energy metabolism
Prevot, V., B. Dehouck, A. Sharif, P. Ciofi, P. Giacobini, and J. Clasadonte.
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The gentle art of saying NO: how nitric oxide gets things done in the hypothalamus
Chachlaki K, Garthwaite J, Prevot V
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When size matters: how astrocytic processes shape metabolism
Sharif A, Prevot V
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Hypothalamic microRNAs flip the switch for fertility
Messina A, Prevot V
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Reproduction: A kiss to set the rhythm
Shruti S, Prevot V
elife. 2016, doi:e19823

Programming the Brain from the Womb: Maternal Obesity Perturbs the Hypothalamic Blood-Brain Barrier
Duquenne, M., Dehouck, B. & Prevot, V
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Coexpression profiles reveal hidden gene networks
Chachlaki & Prevot
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European Consensus Statement on congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism—pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment
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Shaping the Reproductive System: Role of Semaphorins in Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Development and Function
Giacobini, P
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Gene-environment interactions controlling energy and glucose homeostasis and the developmental origins of obesity
Bouret, S., Levin, B.E. & Ozanne, S.E
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Tanycytes: a gateway to the metabolic hypothalamus
Langlet, F
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Semaphorin signaling in the development and function of the gonadotropin hormone-releasing hormone system
Messina A and Giacobini P
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Flipping the tanycyte switch: how circulating signals gain direct access to the metabolic brain
Prevot V, Langlet F, Dehouck B
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Semaphorins in the development, homeostasis and disease of hormone systems
Giacobini P, Prevot V
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Role of glia in the regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuronal activity and secretion
Sharif A, Baroncini M, Prevot V
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Organizational actions of metabolic hormones
Bouret, S.G
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Nitric oxide as key mediator of neuron-to-neuron and endothelia-to-glia communication involved in the neuroendocrine control of reproduction
Bellefontaine N, Hanchate NK, Parkash J, Campagne C, de Seranno S, Clasadonte J, d’Anglemont de Tassigny X, Prevot V
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Gliotransmission by prostaglandin E2: a prerequisite for GnRH neuronal function
Clasadonte J, Sharif A, Baroncini M, Prevot V
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GnRH neurons directly listen to the periphery
Prevot V
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Plasticity of neuroendocrine systems
Prevot V
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GnRH nerve terminals, tanycytes and neurohaemal junction remodeling in the adult median eminence: functional consequences for reproduction and dynamic role of vascular endothelial cells
Prevot V, Bellefontaine N, Baroncini M, Sharif A, Hanchate NK, Parkash J, Campagne C, de Seranno S
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Function-related structural plasticity of the GnRH system: a role for neuronal-glial-endothelial interactions
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ErbB receptor signaling in astrocytes: a mediator of neuron-glia communication in the mature central nervous system
Sharif A, Prevot V
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