Team 5 – Presentation


11èmes Journées CNO 2018
équipe mucines, différenciation cancérogenèse épithéliales



Our team “Mucins, Epithelial Differentiation and Carcinogenesis” is composed of researchers, associate professors, clinicians, biologists and pathologists. Next to them, a team of engineers, technicians and students allow progress of the different projects and participate in student education.

We develop a fundamental, pre-clinical and translational research in cancerology in collaboration with hospital departments of Lille hospital (CHRU Lille) with the aim to transfer our data to the clinic (new markers, new therapeutic targets, new protocols, personalized medicine).

Our research is focused on the role of mucins in cancer and on the mechanisms of tumor resistance to the chemotherapeutic treatments. Since solid tumors are characterized by an important intra-tumor heterogeneity as well as in its environment (presence of different cell types: stromal cells, immune cells, inflammatory cells etc.), we work at better understanding and characterizing the molecular mechanisms involved (intracellular signaling, epigenetics, metabolism, ncRNAs, regulatory mechanims…), the tumor-stroma interactions as well as better characterize tumors (cartography, molecular profiling).

Our long term aims are to discover new phenotypic, prognostic, predictive, treatment response markers (treatment orientation) but also to identify new therapeutic targets (increase treatment efficacy) in order to offer new tools to the clinicians for a better patient management and better patient care (personalized medicine). This project is totally in phase with French government Plan Cancer 2014-2019 and more particularly with objectives 5 (translational medicine) and 6 (personalized medicine) of the program.

Every year, we welcome 10-15 students in the laboratory (Technology and Health Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy Schools): L3, M1, Master 2 degree, PhD degrees, post-doctoral fellows. We belong to the biology-health doctoral school.

Our team has played a major role in the structuration of cancer in Lille these past 10 years, a structuration that has been supported by Inserm, Hauts-de-France region, ONCOLille SIRIC, university of Lille, Nord-Ouest Cancéropôle, Lille regional and university hospital (CHRU) and Lille anti-cancer Center (Centre Oscar Lambret).

With horizon 2020, our team will join the Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Cancerology of Lille (ONCOLille) which will be located on the university hospital campus within the research Unit entitled “Cancer: Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Therapy Resistance” which will be composed of 6 research teams.